Days of Yore Font in Development

Those who follow our new releases may have noticed that things have slowed down substantially in the last few months. The main reason why we haven’t had a new font release and other activity is slowed is that we’re working on a monstrous new font project which we are calling Days of Yore.


It’s based on samples of lettering from early 20th century designer and calligrapher J. M. Bergling. The letters are basically an English gothic style with complex decorative embellishments and unique large-size outline initials. It’s a challenge as a font project. There are four distinct character sets, and complex swashes and outlined characters are never easy to do.


Putting it all together takes a lot of work and there are many details to get just right, because a font has to be a lot more precise than hand lettering, even if it preserves much of the character of the original lettering.

The look of Days of Yore is just right for Christmas, so our goal is to have it ready for release in early December. Keep an eye out for a release announcement soon.

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