Covid-19: A Viral Font








Covid-19 is the font of the hour.  Any really trendy disease needs a stylish font to embody its essence and help it build a following.  Who could forget the classic gothic branding of the Black Death font or the unique skeletal style of the Rickets font? Like those classics we feel confident that COVID-19 the font, will help take its subject to a new level of viral awareness.

Although we’re releasing this font for April Fools, it IS a real font and you CAN buy it. What’s more, 50% of the proceeds will go to the Austin Creative Alliance which is helping creative performers and artists in this time when there are no audiences for their work.

So wash your hands, stay away from people and do whatever you can to stay sane during this crisis.

There is no demo version of Covid-19, but you can ORDER the full version online for only $24.


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