Constructing Art Deco Emblems

Pedro Lemos was one of the outstanding artists of the California Arts and Crafts movement of the early 20th century. He was known for his woodcuts and his graphic design work and for his books on teaching art, particularly his Applied Arts handbook which was published in 1926. It is one of the most useful works on basic techniques of graphic design and arts and crafts, made more interesting because of the contemporary perspective which it provides on the transitional period between the Art Nouveau and Art Deco periods in art.

We’ve produced several other small PDF booklets based on Lemos design guides, including one on bookbinding and another on Color Harmony and they were quite popular. Now we’re adding another entry to that series with something a little more advanced. It’s a handy guide to the process of creating art deco floral motifs, essentially by deconstructing and reconstructing floral images, starting with something very realistic and ending up with a very idealized result.

What sets this guide apart is that in addition to the pages from Lemos’ design exercise, it also includes an original font based on the design elements in the exercise so you can duplicate the results easily yourself without having to draw everything from scratch. You can see the pages from the exercise with this article, and get the high resolution versions in PDF format in the package along with the Decobits font which has the selected Art Deco motifs which are featured.

The whole micro-package is only $24 including both the design guide and the Decobits font, but you can get it for $5 off if you use the coupon code KOSMATOS when you check out. With it you’ll be well on your way to reproducing the many Art Deco emblems featured or making your own original designs based on the ideas it includes. To get the package just VISIT OUR ONLINE STORE

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