Cochin Archaic in True Grit

After enjoying a couple of hours watching the recent remake of the classic western True Grit, I was pleasantly surprised to see what was unmistakably our Cochin Archaic font appear in the ending titles accompanied by a couple of other fonts which may have been ours as well, but were more difficult to identify. Cochin Archaic was unmistakable because it has some unusual character forms drawn from alternate characters in Nicholas Cochin’s original drawings for his text font which don’t appear in any other version of his fonts. Look at the Cochin text font on your computer (it now ships with most MacBooks) and compare it to our font and you’ll see how radical the differences are. We’ve kept the original look without homogenizing it for a modern audience – the overall effect is much more calligraphic.

Cochin Archaic is the main font used for the names of the actors and major crew members in the end credits, accompanied by a font which is very close to our Interlude font, used as initials. The job titles of the various people is done in a heavier weight text font in all caps which I can’t identify right off. Cochin Archaic is the main star, and it’s a great choice since it’s a typeface which would have been available at the time depicted in the film, as the first fonts based on Cochin’s design were made about 100 years before the time of the film.

Don’t just go see the film to see the font, but do go see the film. It’s full of excellent performances. Jeff Bridges finally manages to shed “The Dude” character from The Big Lebowski which has kind of intruded on his performances in his last few films, but the best performance is Hallee Steinfeld as Mattie Ross, the young girl whose desire for vengeance drives the action of the film.

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