Classic T-Shirt Designs

As the father of a teenage girl, I’m constantly exposed to the latest trends in fashion. Nothing is more popular these days than the ‘vintage’ look, which basically comes down to fairly simple clothing – especially t-shirts – decorated with graphic arts designs with antique, ethnic and often highly stylized designs. I have to admit that some of these designs are pretty clever – creative yet simple clothing which doesn’t have to be gaudy to be interesting. Many of them even feature our fonts.

So it occured to me that we’ve collected some amazing antique art which would look awfully good on vintage-style clothing, so why not design some fashion items and make them available. The stumbling block for this in the past has always been the need to print large runs of shirts at considerable up-front expense. That’s much less of a consideration today since new technology has made high-quality, full-color, on-demand printing an option. And we’re not talking heat transfers here, but direct pigment imprinting right on the fabric.

To launch our fashion line we’ve come up with four unique designs. The Celtic Loon design is a lovely decorative motif reminiscent of the initials in the Book of Kells, with a knotwork pattern that terminates in what we’ve concluded are probably loon heads. The Kashmiri Garden design is similar to the floral designs frequently found on lacquered boxes from the Indian region of Kashmir. It’s colorful and very striking. The Medieval Mosaic design is particularly striking, based on medieval tiles found in Owen Jones’ Grammar of Ornament. My personal favorite is the Lady of Shalott design which combines 9 images from Howard Pyle’s illustrated edition Tennyson’s classic poem The Lady of Shalott into a montage which tells the story of the poem.

Each of the designs is available on a selection of different style shirts, including several colors of t-shirt and a lovely womens tank top. To order any of the shirts just go to our page at CafePress. The process is easy and they ship quickly and direct to you. To see the designs in more detail, click on any of the images in this article.

If these designs are well received we plan to offer more in the future and we’d welcome any suggestions for improvements or of other designs to produce.

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