Classic Font: Windlass Enhanced

Since it’s original release in 1996 Windlass has been one of our most successful fonts. It has appeared in many publications, from merchandising for Disney’s Pirates of the Carribean to the labels of tins of Biscotti. It has been particularly popular for use in products with a pirate or nautical association, which makes sense because it is kind of what it was designed for.

Windlass was one of the original fonts included in our Mapmaker Fonts and Art collection, and from its first updating it has incldued a set of nautical icons as bonus characters, including silhouettes of sailing ships, pirate flags and compass roses, plus lots of alternate character forms with extended swashes. The oriignal version of Windlass was unusual because it included a set of custom small-caps instead of a lowercase character set. This was part of its unique look, but over the years some have lamented the lack of lowercase characters, so with this new release of Windlass we’ve added a second version of the font called Windlass Lowercase, which as the name suggests has a full set of stylistically compatible lowercase characters. Like the uppercase and the small caps they are rough-cut with an antique poster look.

You can download and try the demo version of Windlass in TrueType format for Mac or PC. The full version of the font with the new lowercase is available from our ordering site.

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