Classic Font: Valdemar

Halloween is coming up in a month and it seemed appropriate to make our featured classic font for this week fit with that theme, and with its enormous popularity Valdemar seems like the perfect choice.

Valdemar started as a set of embellished uppercase characters with bits of clockwork and odd design motifs worked into the character forms to give them a unique, archaic look. Eventually we developed two companion fonts, one a version with a lowercase character set and the other a set of alternative uppercase characters. The set also includes small-caps and foreign language characters.

Valdemar has been very popular for book designs, movies and merchandising. It was selected as the official title font for merchandised products for the Harry Potter movies, but the similarity between the name Valdemar and the character Lord Voldemort is coincidental. The name Valdemar actually comes from a story by Edgar Allan Poe and the font was released before the movies came out.

You can download and try the demo version of Valdemar. The full Valdemar family set is available from our ordering site.

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