Classic Font: Taranis

Taranis was one of the very first fonts we ever produced. It actually originates way back in 1987 when it was first drawn as a font for the cover of the old Ysgarth roleplaying system when we were still mainly in the game publishing business. It then went through a number of revisions and improvements and was eventually kind of left on the back bench and not heavily promoted as we came out with newer fonts. But it deserves a revival, so here’s a new version with the outlines cleaned up and the weighting much improved.

Taranis is basically a modernized uncial font int he tradition of some of our other uncial fonts like Constance Martel or Koch Gothic, but with less of an emphasis on historical accuracy and a a stronger, more angular look which appeals to a more modern sensibility. It still retains most of the basic uncial characteristics, but it doesn’t look old-fashioned. The name comes from the gallic name for the god of thunder.

You can try the demo version of Taranis for free, or order the full version online.

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