Classic Font: Structura

In these hard times it seemed appropriate to harken back to even harder times, so if you feel a yearning to sit in a freezing garret and contemplate the relationship between art and the state, we have the font to use in the poster for your next exhibit of art made from girders and old boilers. Our Structura font is inspired by the designs of Russian post-futurist artists of the Constructivist movement in the early 1920s, like Sergei Eisenstein and Alexander Rodchenko, who sought to glorify the state and industrialization through their work under the auspices of the Commisariat of Enlightenment. While they rejected the idea that art should be liberating and imaginative, they still managed to produce some striking — if rather stark — images in forms like posters and murals which were designed to reach a broad proletarian audience.

Structura was originally released in 1997 and was included in our Russian Fonts and Art collection, along with several other fonts based on lettering from the same period, like Vrubel, which is also based on Constructivist poster lettering. This is a revised new release of Structura with various tweaks and improvements, an expanded character set including not just foreign language characters, but also some alternative character forms, particularly for the bauhaus-style “w” which some users found confusing.

You can get the full version of the new release of Structura from our ordering site or try out the demo version for free to see if you like it.

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