Classic Font: Stonecross

Stonecross has been one of our most popular celtic fonts since it was released back in 1997. It has the look of letters cut in rough stone, reminiscent of the inscriptions on celtic crosses, hence the name. In fact, it was so popular that we also created a companion font with more of a squared uncial look called Newgrange. The two fonts work great together. This updated version of Stonecross includes special foreign language characters and a selection of special decorative characters with celtic motifs.

You can try the demo version of Stonecross for free, or order the full version online for immediate download.

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6 comments on “Classic Font: Stonecross

  1. Nicolo

    Please, could we see something of the special decorative characters? I often use Stonecross for PR work with a Scottish social dance group (The Royal Scottish Country Dance Society) and if the decorations are something I don’t have already then I am very much interested in acquiring them.

  2. tammy martin

    I am looking for a font called the “boingo font”. I have looked every where on the internet and i have had no luck. I was hoping that maybe you could help me find this font. Each capital letter has a curl at one (some at two) end on it and the other end or ends go out into like a T at the ends. If you could help me find this font, this will help me a great deal. Thank you, Mrs. Martin

  3. tammy martin

    sure I will scan you a copy of the font as soon as my daughter gets home. I don’t know how to do that but she can. thanks

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