St. Nicholas: The Christmas Font

St. Nicholas is based on the title lettering from the early 20th century childrens magazine St. Nicholas, published by the Warne company, which is perhaps best known for publishing the works of Beatrix Potter. The magazine featured several different title styles over the years, but this particular design stood out so we designed a complete font based on it. It’s a full featured text font with a complete set of alternate and international characters. Stylistically it is distinguished by the embellished loop serifs on the upper case characters, which really set it apart when used for titles.

hobbylobbySt. Nicholas is one of our most widely used and popular fonts. It has essentially become the go to font for the Christmas season.  It was recently featured in the titles for the movie Krampus, it has been featured in the movie Arthur Christmas, on Christmas features on Saturday Night Live and The Daily Show. It’s even been seen most recently in an inspiring wall decoration at Hobby Lobby (shown to the left).

You can try the demo version of St. Nicholas for free, or order the full version of St. Nicholas online with the complete expanded character set.

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