Classic Font: Semiramis

Semiramis was originally released in 1997. It’s an arts and crafts style font based on samples of lettering from books published by the Roycrofters in the early 1900s. It has a truly unique look, the most extreme example of the decorative, “architectural” style designs of that period. It also has a heavier weight and broader character form than other similar fonts. Most interestingly, it has lots of variant forms of the character forms. There are at least two and as many as four different versions of each character, a feature which is ideal if you want to customize the look of words or have nesting characters in the design of a logo. It’s a striking and versatile font which looks like nothing else you’ve seen.

You can try the DEMO version of Semiramis for free, but it includes only one version of each character. Or you can ORDER the full version online and download it right away.

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