Classic Font: Rheingold

We picked Rheingold as our new font re-release because I saw so much of it at the Flatstock 24 show last weekend. Of all of our fonts it showed up on more posters than any other. And seeing it in use brought to mind some shortcomings the font has had since it was first released way back in 1997. The original version had some peculiarities in the size and proportion of the characters which has always bothered me, so this seemed like a great time to fix them. It’s such a unique example of 19th century decorative gothic type that it deserved the extra work to make it look just right, and the new version is much improved over the original.

You can try the demo version of Rheingold for free, or order the full version online for immediate download.

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2 comments on “Classic Font: Rheingold

  1. Hi-
    I didn’t get to vote for your new font release, but am curious about choice No.5-
    Is this font fully developed? If so, is it available for purchase?

  2. Dave

    I rather like #5 in those samples too. It’s not ready for release yet, but we are working on a font based on it. All of those samples we had out for a vote were fonts which are at least partway done.


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