Classic Font: Pyle Gothic

From out of the distant past, we bring one of our very oldest fonts, back in a revised and improved version, rescued from the mists of obscurity. Pyle Gothic was first released in 1993 and was our first font based on the lettering of legednary illustrator Howard Pyle. It’s taken from samples of his crude woodcut gothic title and caption lettering from his The Story of King Arthur and His Knights. The updated version of the font features the same rough-cut character forms, but the weighting and spacing has been somewhat adjusted and the overall look improved, including the elimination of some crude path overlaps and errors. This new version will be added to our Pyle package and has already replaced the original in our store.

You can download and try the demo version of Pyle Gothic in TrueType format for Mac or PC. The full version of the font is available from our ordering site.

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