Classic Font – Orpheus

Several years ago we saw a crying need for a font which had the general look and feel of the horrifyingly popular font Morpheus but wasn’t so freakishly awkward looking, poorly weighted and just plain unattractive. People were looking for the font, but it’s a freeware font with all the problems that brings with it, and none of the major font distributors were carrying it. So we set out to design a font with a similar look from scratch, which combined the stroke weight of a classic calligraphic text font with character forms which are reminiscent of traditional Celtic uncial. The idea was to make a font which looked a bit like Morpheus, but with more attractive, more consistent character forms and which was rendered cleanly and properly spaced and kerned?

The result is Orpheus, a font which has the general look and feel of Morpheus, but is a much more complete and fully realized design. Morpheus has been very popular despite its shortcomings, but it’s been so overexposed designers should really avoid it. Orpheus offers the option of using a new and different font while still getting the same kind of mystical, magical look while not actually using Morpheus. In addition, Orpheus is a fully developed font set, with not only regular and bold versions, but with a special customized italic style, an alternate character set and a really neat looking heavy weight rough-outlined variant. You can download and try the demo version of Orpheus. The full Orpheus family set is available from our ordering site.

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