Classic Font: Orlock

Orlock is a unique font designed by Michael Scarpitti, who decided to branch out from his usual fixation on Roman Fonts for a brief spell in 1999 to design a font based on the unusual gothic lettering found on the original 1922 poster for the classic silent horror film Nosferatu.

Nosferatu was visually inventive and the posters embodied the design character of 1920s Germany, drawing on the Jugendstil tradition, constructivism and the Bauhaus movement. You can see a sample of the font in a slightly revised version of the original poster to the right, along with samples of the original lettering. It’s primitive and powerful and takes its name from the Dracula-like main character in the movie. It also features two versions of many of the characters.

You can try the demo version of Orlock for free, or order the full font online.

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