Marmyadose: Classic Font



Back in 1995 I designed a card game called Quest for the Grail and formed a publishing partnership to produce it called Stone Ring Games. I did a bunch of design work for the game, including designing a unique title font called Marmyadose. Marmyadose was a unique font, but it was too fancy to read in small print on the cards, so we replaced it with Beaumarchais in the final design.

Although an early version of Marmyadose is widely available on shareware sites, we pulled it from release because of technical issues with the font and it was never really released in a commerical version. We have now revised it and improved the outlines, added numerous refinements, improved kerning and added more alternate characters, so we can release this new a better version. It will also be included in our upcoming Arthurian Fonts and Art package.

Marmyadose takes its name from Arthurian legend, where it is the sword used by King Ryence of Gore, originally forged by the god Vulcan for Hercules. Arthur defeated Ryence in battle and took it as a prize. It’s sword associations account for the rather sharp and pointed look of the font.

You can purchase and download the full and revised version of Marmyadose today, and get it for $5 off with the coupon code BRITOMARTIS.

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