Joyeuse Font

Joyeuse is one of our earliest developments of a really high-end font. It is based on samples of early 20th century metal type derived from a popular variant of William Morris’ Troy Typewhich deviated a lot from the original source design, but has much of the same stylish gothic revival look and feel. We originally released Joyeuse in 1992 and have done several revisions and updates since then. It was developed to fit in our Master Fonts series of fonts designed for expert typography. In the years since then it has seen a lot of use in print publishing and is especially popular for internal titles and chapter headers.

As a Master Font Joyeuse includes an expanded foreign language character set, lots of special characters and custom designed bold and italic styles. It is available as a single font or in one of our Master Fonts collections and is also included in our Holiday Fonts and Art package. You can try the demo version for free, or order the full version online.

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