Classic Font: Goodfellow

Goodfellow was first released in the spring of 1993. It was based on Art Nouveau period metal type designed for titles and logos. It became a surprise hit when Tim Burton used it as the title font for his hit animated film A Nightmare Before Christmas later that year. The downside was that we had released a demo version at that time and someone with more enterprise than integrity renamed it and released it all over the free font download sites under the name “Burton’s Nightmare.” Unfortunately, the version they pirated was full of design defects which we had corrected in our released version, but that pirated version was so widely circulated that it kind of undermined the distribution of the real font. Since then it has sold well and we’ve done many revisions and improvements, including cleaning the outlines and developing custom bold and italic weights and adding special foreign language characters, but the pirate version with its name association has become so ubiquitous that the real font has always languished in its shadow.

Nonetheless, we’ve worked hard to make Goodfellow a really excellent font, and with its Christmas association we thought it made sense to release the latest revision of Goodfellow during the holiday season, so we’ve made it our featured font for this week. The new version includes the latest version of all three weights with some new added features and improvements.

You can try the demo version of Goodfellow for free, or order the full version online with the alternate characters and special symbols.

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