Classic Font: Gjallarhorn

Gjallarhorn is based on uncial-style lettering by artist Willy Pogany from his titles for Padraig Colum’s classic collection of Scandinavian myths, The Children of Odin. It is reminiscent of runic lettering carved in wood and is evocative of the magic and mystery of Norse mythology. It has various peculiar letter forms, and the font includes two or more different versions of many of the characters, plus some unique decorative glyphs which fit the mythological theme of the font. It is an excellent example of stylized hand lettering by one of the great decorative artists of the Art Nouveau period, and works well for specialized and decorative uses. Strangely Gjallarhorn is not in our Viking Fonts and Art collection, but it should be added when we do an update of that package and it certainly goes well with it.

You can try the demo version of Gjallarhorn for free, or order the full version online with the alternate characters and special symbols.

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