Classic Font: Delaguerra

Back in 2001 we were approached by the Santa Barbara Historical Society to develop a new font based on a style of lettering used on inscriptions on a number of historical buildings in downtown Santa Barbara. The result was the Delaguerra font which we named after the street where the historical society and many of the historic buildings are located. The font is now in use in historic markers and certificates in the city, but since they didn’t need an exclusive design, we also have it available as a single font or in our Arts and Crafts collection.

Delaguerra is a classic example of “mission style” arts and crafts design characteristic of California in the early part of the 20th century. We have several other fonts in the same tradition like Palmyra and Coloma. Like most of the fonts of this period it has only an upper-case character set, but in this case we enhanced it with medallion like decorative initials based on one of the period sources we consulted during the design process.

You can try the demo version for free, or order the full version online.

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