Classic Font: Brandywine

Brandywine is one of our favorite older fonts. It’s based on a hand lettering style used by legendary American artist Howard Pyle for a number of his books, including Pepper and Salt and The Lady of Shalott. It’s a uniquely readable style in the Arts and Crafts tradition, with open characters and variations in letter positioning which make it interesting. The font also includes a small set of frames which can be positioned around the capital letters to create decorative initials. Since it was first released in 1998 it has been enormously popular, used in video and board games and in book designs.

This version is a new and revised and much improved release which is available by itself with a standard character set, or in an expanded edition with not only a special character set for Eastern European languages, but also including a complete Cyrillic character set for Russian and related languages.

You can try the demo version of Brandywine for free, or order the standard version or the international version online.

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