Classic Font: Beaumarchais

Beaumarchais was one of our earlier font designs, part of a series of display and title fonts we released in the early 1990s based on Art Nouveau period designs. It was later used in a publishing venture we were partners in as the primary title font for the card game Quest for the Grail at which time it was revised and improved with an expanded character set. Since then it has become a popular standard for signage and book cover design and for some reason came to be especially associated with books associated with the H. P. Lovecraft’s Cthulhu Mythos. It has a sister font called Bucephalus which is conceptually similar, but more calligraphic and unrestrained. Beaumarchais is a strong and elegant font, very well suited to title design and use on posters and signs. This new release has some additional tweaks and improvements as well as the expanded character set and other features of the previous revision.

You can try the demo version of Beaumarchais for free, or order the full version online.

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