Classic Font: Asrafel

We originally released Asrafel in 1999 after we developed it for a book cover project. It was conceived with the idea of combining art nouveau elements and calligraphic elements and to produce a look evocative of the feathers in the wings of a bird of prey. The result works well, with a kinship to our Abaddon font, but a less aggressive and more aesthetic look. The font includes capitals, small caps and alternate forms for many of the characters.

tjcucumbersWe recently spotted Asrafel in action at a local Trader Joe’s where it was being used to label packs of cucumbers. Not the sexiest use of the font, but it’s nice to see it being used.

You can order the full version of Asrafel for just $24 from our online store.

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4 comments on “Classic Font: Asrafel

  1. Carlos Rodriguez

    I’ve made several attempts to download the ‘demo’ version of the Rackham “Goblins” font, but it always delivers a zip file which won’t open on my Mac Pro. Clicking the HTML link that comes with it (for some reason) when downloaded produces this message in Safari: “The file “” doesn’t appear to be a valid download file.”

    Anyway, just thought you should know…

    Also, I received an email from you a while back which I believe mentioned something regarding some sort of “upgrade” that you made to the Mucha Font set (was it that you added a new font to it, or…?)?
    I purchased the Mucha set several months before receiving this “upgrade to Mucha” message, and was wondering what I’d need to pay to receive whatever additions have been made to the set?

    Carlos Rodriguez

  2. Dave

    In general it’s much better to email if you have questions than to post them here. That Goblins demo is really old, so I’m not surprised it doesn’t work. It’s not even accessible from the main page of our site. If you have an old version of the Mucha package you must have gotten it quite a while ago. We haven’t even offered an upgrade to that package in several years.


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