Clara Peck Project

Clara Elsene Peck was a little known but very talented book illustrator of the early 1900s. Her books are hard to find, but worth the effort because her style is unique and peculiar and includes a very appealing combination of illustration, decoration and hand lettering.

We’ve collected several books designed by Peck, but the only item we’ve released to date based on her designs is a single font called Peck Initials based on decorative initials which she did for the book Shakespeare’s Sweetheart. Now we’re working on our next Peck project, which is a collection of pen and ink illustrations and decorations from her childrens’ book Knocks Witty and Wise. The package will also include a new font based on Peck’s lettering which is yet to be named, but you can see some samples of the uniquely styled characters below.

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