Cicely Mary Barker Fairies Mini-Package

fairysamp1Along with Arthur Rackham and Kate Greenaway, Cicely Mary Barker was one of the three great fairy illustrators of the early 20th century. Her Flower Fairies books were enormously popular and influential on illustrators of the period. willy Pogany even produced a series similarly titled knock-off books.

fairysamp2Barker’s use of rich colors and her delicate rendering of playful fairy figures and botanically accurate flowers distinguish her work and set it apart from the more undisciplined work of many of her contemporaries.

fairysamp3Barker’s illustrations are widely available in reprint editions of her books, but not generally in high resolution digital format licensed for reproduction, which is what we have to offer in this mini-package of her Spring flower fairies, an appropriate item to debut at this time of the year.

The package includes 12 color and 2 black and white images for just $10. You can order it and download it immediately from our ONLINE STORE.

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