Fonts on USB Drives for Christmas

twousbsAs you may be aware we have been trying to move away from physical delivery of product towards more online downloads, but at Christmas time nothing beats a present you can wrap, put in a stocking and hold in your hands.

This attractive marketing option is now available for us because we have produced a limited number of products on USB FlashDrives which are perfect for gift giving.  We produced them for special events (TypeCon and FaerieCon) but the benefit is that you can get them for Christmas gifts while they last, and you can get them at a great discount.

For TypeCon we released a special Walter Crane Sampler with 5 fonts and lots of art.  For FaerieCon we put out the Fairie Fonts and Art collection with twelve fonts and hundreds of images.  Click on a link for details on the Fairie Fonts and Art collection or the Walter Crane Sampler.

For a limited time we are going to make both of these packages available for just $39 each and you can get combined flat rate shipping, plus if you order both you can use the coupon COMBO15 and get $15 off on the pair.  This deal just lasts until the 18th, and you have to take physical delivery by mail.  That gives us time to get them to you in time for Christmas.

To order the combo package just go to our ONLINE STORE.



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