Charles Robinson – Illustrations for Perrault

We’re always acquiring classic books illustrated by great artists. One who we’ve recently started adding to our collection is early 20th century illustrator Charles Robinson. Robinson was the brother of illustrator and cartoonist W. H. Robinson and his father and another brother were also illustrators.

Robinson is best known for his fairytale illustrations and his illustrations for Alice in Wonderland. One of those illustrated fairytale collections was the famous set of fairytales collected by Charles Perrault and particularly popular in the 20th century as a resource for Disney films.

This set of illustrations includes images for classic tales like “Little Red Riding Hood,” “Sleeping Beauty” and “Beauty and the Beast” in Robinson’s unique style which is clearly influenced by the neoclassicism of the pre-raphaelites.

You can get the high resolution versions of the images in this mini-package for just $5 – It’s not a very big collection.  You can get it online from our ORDERING SITE.

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