Charles Folkard’s Ring of the Nibelungs

We’ve been working on a collection of art and fonts based on the designs of classic illustrator Charles Folkard — best known for illustrating Pinnochio — for a very long time. It’s been a slow process becaust good examples of Folkard’s art and lettering are relatively hard to find. Although he was a contemporary of Arthur Rackham, he wasn’t nearly as well known, nor did he develop the kind of intense fanbase which Rackham still enjoys today. Nonetheless, Folkard was an excellent artist and arguably much more creative as a calligrapher and page designer than Rackham was.

Of course, our Folkard collection has already produced one of our most successful fonts. The Folkard font has appeared everywhere, in movies and on book titles and product packaging. We’re also working on several other Folkard fonts, including one based on his lettering from The Jackdaw of Rheims.

We’re also adding new art to the collection as we find it and are getting close to the point where we ought to be able to release the package commercially sometime this year. Much of the art is mythological and on Germanic and Scandinavian themes. You can see samples and download large-size versions of four illustrations here. They are from the Folkard illustrated edition of Ring of the Nibelungs, which is perhaps less ambitious than Rackham’s illustrated edition of the Wagner opera, but has some good examples of Folkard’s vivid color and clearly drawn characters.

Look for the Folkard font and art package to premiere sometime this Summer.

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