Celtic Design in Pixar’s Brave

The latest film from Disney’s Pixar division is the lavishly designed Brave which sets a new standard in detail, color and beauty for a digitally animated film. The quality of the motion of the characters, the details of the textures and the vibrance of the colors is extraordinary. The setting is also unusual, drawing on Celtic design themes extensively to create a setting in Scotland of the legendary past.

Although they did not specifically draw on any of our fonts, the look of the film ties in very well with the resources in our Celtic Fonts and Art collections, and featuring designs and fonts similar to many in our collection.

Celtic decoration is used extensively on costumes, furniture and other objects, much of it quite similar to the knot work borders found in our Celtic Borders font and our Owen Jones Celtic Borders font.

In addition, although the main title is hand drawn, it clearly owes a debt to our Padstow font which offers the same kind of knot work designs embedded within the characters. And the final credits are done in a font derivative of our classic a href=”http://www.fontcraft.com/Merchant2/merchant.mv?Screen=PROD&Product_Code=glendower”>Glendower font, but with some rather bizarre and not necessarily attractive variations on some of the character forms.

So if you liked the movie – and it’s an enjoyable film for kids or adults – and you want to create the same kind of design look for yourself, our Celtic Fonts and Art collections have the resources you need.

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8 comments on “Celtic Design in Pixar’s Brave

  1. Franchesca

    Will you be creating a font for Brave or do you know who will be creating it in the future?

  2. Dave Nalle

    Interesting question. Right now it looks like there is no real defining font for the movie, unless it were a font designed based on the few letters in the title on the poster, which are very nice, but would be hard to expand into a full font.

    In the past Disney and other production companies have had us expand their title lettering into full fonts, but I don’t anticipate this happening with Brave. We’ve also done it on our own in a couple of cases, but taking the idea of those five characters in the title and making it into a full font would be pretty challenging.

    Do you think it would be worht the effort?


  3. Michelle

    Yes, it would be worth it – I am looking for this font myself to customize my daughters birthday party decorations!

  4. I wpuld certainly purchase an expanded font

  5. Dave

    I’ll look at the feasibility. Obviously we don’t have a large sample to work from, but the basic concept isn’t far from what we did in our Padstow font.


  6. Andrugrasu

    It is relatively easy to create the font, but I find it somewhat difficult to recreate the effect used for the title text.

  7. its actually Celtic, you can download it in .tff (TrueFontFile) and easily copy paste it to the Fonts folder in the control panel ^^

  8. Dave

    The “Celtic” font is just one of many different renderings of Insular Minuscule lettering, which we have several versions of. The challenge here is adding the decorative elements to the basic letter forms and rendering it into a complete font.


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