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Holiday Feature: Walter Tittle’s Colonial Holidays

tittle0As a special bonus, this Christmas we’re making available an unusual collection of Christmas images by outstanding American book illustrator and decorator Walter Tittle, an artist most known for his seasonal works.

tittle11These illustrations are taken from his book Colonial Holdays which is a collection of accounts from primary sources of holiday observances in the American colonies before and after the Revolutionary War. Other holidays a touched on, but the material is predominantly Christmas themed.

The collection includes illustrations of colonial holiday scenes – mostly from the Christmas season – plus beautifully decorated full illuminated pages for each of the stories. Tittle’s style is detailed and his color use is sophisticated and the illuminated pages include beautiful lettering and decorations. They make excellent Christmas cards.

You can see samples of most of the art below. Just click on a thumbnail to bring up a larger size image. The package includes all of the images in high resolution, suitable for making Christmas cards or other projects. To get the full package for just $15, you can just ORDER ONLINE.

Psychedelic Font Collection

The 1960s was a time when creativity flourished, in music, in literature and in the visual arts. This creativity found its outlet mostly in the counter culture, and one big aspect of that was in poster design for concerts at the great nightclubs of that era like the Fillmore.

Rock posters of the 60s have a particular, identifiable look to them – united by the wild and freeflowing design ethos, even if many different artists did the actual designs. The lettering on these posters has made more of a mark on the popular imagination than any other relatively recent lettering style, to the point where people have a particular vision in their minds of what looks like the 60s or the Psychedelic era.

Poster lettering in the 60s was heavily influenced by the Art Nouveau movement of the late 19th century, but the most imaginative poster designers took those basic ideas of full, somewhat fabulous lettering to an entirely new level. While you can see the influence of Mucha and other Art Nouveau poster artists in the work of designers like Wes Wilson and David Singer, there’s something more in their poster designs – what might be called the ‘free spirit’ of the 60s.

By the 1970s the free form hand lettering of classic 60s posters began to give way to some standardized fonts and a lot of this unique character was lost in the drab pragmatism of the disco era and then the ransom note xeroxes of the punk movement.

We’ve been working on fonts which capture the spirit of the Psychedelic era for several years and have finally reached the point where we have a large enough collection to be truly representative of the period. This collection includes fonts based on specific samples from classic posters and fonts based on general styles which were popular in the 60s and used by many artists.

Some of these fonts have been previously released as single fonts, but the collection also includes 5 fonts specifically designed for this collection, 3 of which are entirely new releases, plus variant versions of several of the fonts like the custom outlines of Hendrix and Bad Acid.

Pantagruel is the linchpin of the collection. It is the quintessential bridge between Art Nouveau and 60s era design. It is based on an Art Nouveau style which was enormously influential in the 60s and often duplicated directly by 60s artists like Greg Irons and Randy Tuten.

Harbinger and Sprite are also examples of styles commonly used by many poster artists of the period who drew on Art Nouveau designs for inspiration. Earthpig and Bad Acid are based on original poster lettering characteristic of the outrageously spurred and flourished designs favored by many artists of the 60s. They are core designs just begging for augmentation with rays, overlaps, outlines and extrusions.

Butterfield is classic block lettering characteristic of the world of designers like Wes Wilson. Quicksilver and Illuminata were developed from small samples of unique lettering and are most influenced by the designs of David Singer. Taken as a whole these fonts make an excellent representative sampling of the lettering of the 60s.

One of the characteristics of poster design in the Psychedelic era is that the lettering was often manipulated and distorted from its base forms. Fonts by their nature work most practically when they have a simple, horizontal base and characters have regular size and positioning. To achieve the full psychedelic effect you may need to take the base fonts and modify the pure letter forms, as we have done in the header for this page. Photoshop offers some excellent tools for doing this. We’ve found that the wave filter and the distort and perspective tools work particularly well to produce bent and disproportional type.

We’ve just released a new version of the Psychedelic Fonts package with three new fonts. The package includes all of the fonts in a single package for Windows or Macintosh, including both TrueType and Postscript fonts. The total price is only $59 for all the fonts. You can order the package online for immediate download or delivery by mail. Just – CLICK HERE TO ORDER.

Horror Fonts and Art for Halloween

For years here at the Scriptorium we’ve been developing fonts and collecting unique art which is perfect for Halloween and putting it together into packages which we promote through our Boneyard Fonts site. After many years collecting fonts and art we’ve put together a gruesomely provocative collection of fonts and art, adding new items every year around Halloween. We’re now up to almost 40 fonts, plus art from great masters of the macabre like J. G. Posada, Edmund Dulac, Willy Pogany and Harry Clarke. You’ll find everything you need for any Halloween or other horrific design project.

Recent additions to the collection include two new fonts based on title lettering from classic Hammer horror films, plus a great selection of images based on the unique Calavera illustrations by revolutionary Mexican artist Jose Guadalupe Posada. These show skeletons engaged in a variety of typical daily activities, featuring a certain amount of political and social commentary, but also a nice dose of macabre humor. We also have several Posada fonts in development, but don’t expect them until next year.

Our collected horror images and fonts are organized into three separate package, the Diabolic Fonts and Art collection, the Macabre Fonts and Art collection and the Halloween Fonts and Art collection. They’re available individually or in a discounted combo package. All of the fonts are also available individually. Read on for some details on the three horror fonts and art packages.


The Halloween Fonts and Art package includes some of our wildest and most unusual fonts, plus all of the large selection of colorful custom Halloween graphics we’ve assembled over the years, including frames, borders, decorative tiles, buttons and emblems. It’s excellent for web, poster or flyer design.

The fonts in this package include the Halloweenies font and many of our fonts based on title lettering from popular horror movies like the new Veronique and Paleos fonts, and some great fonts for spooky text and titles like Sanguinary and Ironworks. If you want to see larger samples of the fonts just click on the small samples to the right. If you want to take a closer look at some of the images in this package you can just CLICK HERE. There are a total of 12 fonts included in the package, plus many images.

This collection is only $49 with all the fonts and art. Fonts are included in both PostScript and TrueType format for MacOS and Windows. You can also get this package in combination with the Macabre and Diabolic packages for a low combo price of only $129. To order online just go to our ONLINE STORE


Our Macabre Fonts and Art package features fonts and arts with the flavor of the grave. We’re talking morbid images and skulls and skeletons galore. In this package you’ll find some of our best horrific art and some very unusual fonts. It’s great for more sophisticated design projects which need a more degenerate, gothy look.

The fonts in this package include all of our skeletal fonts like Golgotha, Skull and Bones and the classic Boneyard, plus stylish and unusual script fonts and titling fonts like the very popular Valdemar which will be featured in the marketing for the Harry Potter movies. The art in this package is particularly appealing. It has both Edmund Dulac’s illustrations for Poe’s poetry and Harry Clarke’s illustrations and decorative marginalia for Poe’s “Tales of Mystery and Imagination”. Plus this package includes our newest art feature, Jose Guadalupe Posada’s “Calavera” illustrations of skeletons doing all sorts of odd things. To see a more detailed sample of any font just click on the image of it to the right. If you want to take a look at some of the art in this package just CLICK HERE. There are a total of 12 fonts included in the package, in addition to the scores of high quality images.

This package is only $49 with all the fonts and art. Fonts are included in both PostScript and TrueType format for MacOS and Windows. You can also get this package in combination with the Halloween and Diabolic packages for a low combo price of only $129. To order online just go to our ONLINE STORE


This collection leans towards the arcane and supernatural, with fonts based on mystical languages and containing
magical symbols, or which look just plain evil. The art fits with the theme, drawn mostly from illustrations for Faust.

Among the fun fonts in this package are Goetic and Malachim two mystical language fonts, our scariest titling fonts Dementia, Sabanak and Sepultura, plus the new Diabolus arcane initials font and our two popular Voodoo symbology fonts Veve and Guede. The images in this package include illustrations for Faust by both Willy Pogany and Harry Clarke, plus Clarke’s fantastic black and white marginalia for his edition of Faust. To see a more detailed sample of any font just click on the image of it to the right. If you want to take a closer look at some of the images in this package you can just CLICK HERE.

This new package is only $49 with all the fonts and art. Fonts are included in both PostScript and TrueType format for MacOS and Windows. You can also get this package in combination with the Macabre and Halloween packages for a low combo price of only $129. To order online just go to our ONLINE STORE

Russian Folk Art and Fonts Collection

In the early 20th century, before the outbreak of the Russian Revolution, the Art Nouveau movement crept into the failing empire by way of Alphons Mucha and the Slavic Folk Art movement in Czechoslovakia. Russian artists picked up on the ideas of these movements and began producing new styles of art for a growing commercial marketplace, combining elements of traditional Russian decorative arts, subjects from Russian folklore, and ideas from the west.

The leading star of the Russian Folk Art movement was Ivan Bilibin, whose illustrations of Russian folk stories and fiction by contemporary authors like Pushkin were remarkable for their integration of traditional and modern styles. Other artists were also attracted to the movement, including many who went on to achieve fame in more respectable artistic circles, such as Leon Bakst. Many of these artists did advertising art as well as illustration, and a lot of their work was featured in the magazine World of Art, which was the showplace of the movement. Like other folk artists of the period, the work of Bilibin and his contemporaries extended beyond the limits of simple illustration, including graphic design and fascinating hand lettering styles.

rfaThe Scriptorium’s Russian Folk Art Collection includes a selection of illustrations and decorations by Ivan Bilibin and other artists, including decorative borders, emblems, headers and large-size illustrations of Russian folklore. It also features three special fonts based on the lettering of Russian artists, including Ivan Bilibin and Mikhail Vrubel, as well as a recently added set of 10 Russian language fonts. The whole collection is only $59. To order your own Russian Folk Art collection remember the stock number (AT107) and give us a call at 1-512-656-8011 or use our ONLINE ORDERING

If you want to try out one of our Russian Folk Art fonts, just download the demo version of Bilibin using the link below. The full version is in the Russian Folk Art collection.

Download the Bilibin font for Windows or MacOS

Gothic Fonts Collection

Our gothic font collection is a compilation of our most interesting fonts based on gothic type and late medieval calligraphy. It covers the range from the historical styles in which gothic printing had its inspiration to the ornate heights of complex gothic fonts from 19th century Germany. This includes fonts in the style sometimes called ‘Old English’, as well as what calligraphers sometimes call ‘Black Letter’. If you like your fonts dark, angular and complex, this is your dream collection.

The collection has recently been updated to a third new edition, with more new fonts, bringing the total to 20 gothic lettering fonts and four gothic initials fonts. Recently added fonts include Serenissima, Gelderland, Montressor, Alcuin, Monumental, Goldwork, Waldeck, Yngling and Roncesvalles. The selection is all gothic, but quite varied. Fonts like Theodoric and Cadeaulx are an excellent combination of style and readability, while others like Ghost Gothic, Rheingold and Tyrfing offer more decorative ornamentation.

The complete Gothic collection is $99, but for a limited time if you use the coupon code NOSTROMO on checkout you can get $15 off the price for a total of just $84. It comes with both TrueType and Postscript fonts for either the MacOS or Windows. You can order it online. Just CLICK HERE to order it online and get it delivered by email or on CD.  Or if you have an earlier release, please contact us about a discounted update of the package.

Arts & Crafts Collection

Click any font to see a larger sample.

The new second edition of our Arts & Crafts font collection features 15 fonts based on designs from the Arts & Crafts movements of the late Victorian period. They are derived from designs from several branches of the movement, and demonstrate the unique aestheitc vision of great designers like William Morris, Charles Rennie Mackintosh and Elbert Hubbard. The Arts & Crafts movement was enormously influential on the works of designers, artists and architects of the 20th century, and inspired the Art Nouveau and Art Deco movements.The package includes early Arts & Crafts fonts like William Morris’ Kelmscott and True Golden, fonts from the Glasgow branch of the movement like Chelsea Studio, based on Charles Rennie Mackintosh’s lettering, fonts from the Roycrofters of New York like Semiramis and Ganelon, and even fonts from the California Arts & Crafts period of the early 1900s like Coloma. The newest additions to the package include Palmyra, Hyacinth Initials, Spoonbill and Advertising Gothic. They are shown in red on the left.

Also included in this new edition of the package are a selection of floral frames, borders and decorations developed from Roycroft publications from the early 1900s. All the fonts are historically accurate and they are not available from any other source. The package is available for Windows or the MacOS, and includes both TrueType and Postscript fonts. The price is only $69 for all the fonts and the borders and decorations. You can order the Arts & Crafts font and art package directly for delivery on CD by phone from 1-512-656-8011, or you can purchase the package online – just – CLICK HERE TO ORDER with an immediate download.

If you want to try out a font from this collection, try out the Palmyra demo. Palmyra is reminiscent of the lettering style found in many books and pamphlets from the Roycrofters – the arts and crafts design community founded by Elbert Hubbard. It has a constructed look with rounded ends on the letters characteristic of pen-lettering. It has multiple versions of many of the letters to allow variations in your designs. Click here to download the demo of Palmyra for either WINDOWS or MacOS. You can purchase the full font ONLINE.


Charles Folkard Grimm Mini-Package

It’s been a while since we released any new art from our collection of fairytale books illustrated by Charles Folkard. So it’s about time we make available this collection of his illustrations for Grimm’s Fairy Tales.

This mini-package includes 8 beautifully drawn and colored images from stories by the Brothers Grimm. In addition to illustrations from well known stories like “Little Red Riding Hood” and “The Frog Prince”, the illustrations include several more unusual stories that are often omitted from modern collections, like “Bearskin”, “Roland and May-Bird” and “The Five Servants”.

The collection can be purchased for only $12 at our ONLINE STORE.

Walter Crane: Aladdin’s Picture Book

Walter Crane produced a series of small pamphlets in the 1890s based on popular fairy tales, done in large format with 6 pages of illustrations and about an equal number of pages of text. They were rather like the 19th century equivalent of comic books, in the same vein as what Howard Pyle was doing across the Atlantic at the same time with his Lady of Shalott or what Ivan Bilibin was doing in Russia with his Byliny and Skaski booklets of folktales.

Four of these stories were collected together into a bound volume titled Aladdin’s Picture Book. It includes “Aladdin and the Wonderful Lamp,” “The Yellow Dwarf,” “Princess Belle-Etoile” and “The Hind in the Wood.”  One of several similar collections, all of which are very hard to find.
We’ve digitized and cleaned up all of the images at large size and high resolution and put them together into a beautiful package ready to use for your personal design projects.  The images make great screen savers or art prints or resources for many other purposes.

In addition to the samples shown on this page you can download a reduced size reference PDF of all of the images.  If you like them you can purchase the full high-resolution set in our ONLINE STORE.

Romantic Fonts and Art for Valentines Day

We’ve got a font package for just about every other holiday, so it seemed impossible to resist putting together a collection of fonts specifically for the romantic themes of Valentines Day.  Once we’d settled on the idea it was inevitable that we also include a selection of romantic art by Eleanor Brickdale which is just perfect for making decorative Valentines Day cards.

The package includes 12 fonts which are mostly not featured in other packages, plus an equal number of outstanding illustrations (you can see some samples below). It’s a perfect selection of resources for making Valentines cards or for any other romantic project.

You can purchase the package online for just $59 from our ONLINE STORE.


Holiday Fonts and Art

hatever holiday you celebrate, it’s probably a time of cards and presents and decorations and parties — that means you’re going to need great fonts and art to add elegance and unique flare to your seasonal projects. The Scriptorium Holiday Fonts and Art  collection has the resources you need, including free samples and shareware demos, as well as a selection of holiday fonts and unique seasonal art which it took us years to collect.

e’ve recently combined our Holiday package into a single package and added a number of new fonts and images, all for a lower price than we were charging for our older packages. You get lots of holiday fonts and art to fit every taste, at a very reasonable price. In addition, we’ve got several shareware fonts for you to try out for a free evaluation, plus some great sample art. To try them out, see the bottom of this page.

he newest fonts added to our Holiday Fonts and Art collection include the Scurlock and Asrafel fonts plus the new Holiday Borders dingbat font which is featured as a free demo at the bottom of this page and also the extraordinary Rudolfo font package including Rudolfo Swash.

e’ve also added some new graphic material including some specialized borders, some color decorative initials (featured on this page) and a selection of new art, including pieces by several pre-raphaelite and renaissance period artists. These new images are pretty extraordinary.

Other images in the collection include all of Arthur Rackham’s illustrations for Dickens’ Christmas Carol and Howard Pyle’s illustrations from his story Travels of the Soul, plus art by Rackham, Rossetti, Nielsen, Dulac, Mucha, Wyeth and others. Only a small portion of the images are sampled on this page. Several bonus borders by Pyle are also included. Other recent additions to the collection include some seasonal Pre-Raphaelite images by Millais, Leyton and Hunt.

The new release of the collection now includes a total of 21 fonts, plus scores of great images and useful graphics. Fonts include everything from art fonts to decorative initials to elaborate text and titling styles

Like all of our font and art CDs, this package can be ordered online from our ORDERING site, or you can order by phone from 1-512-656-8011.

You’ll find a lot of these images and fonts in use on this site. This should give you some idea what you can do with them. In addition, to give you an even better idea of the unique quality of our fonts and graphics, we’ve got several demo items you can try out, including a demo version of our recently released Holiday Borders font, which is available exclusively on this CD. Just click on the appropriate button below each font sample to download a shareware demo version to try out.

Click on the image above to download Holiday Borders for Windows and Mac OSX.

For those of you doing your own Christmas design work, here’s a special pallette which you can open in Photoshop or other art programs and access with the sampling tool. It includes a variety of special colors which we think are particularly seasonal.

And finally, here’s a great Christmas themed page border with holly and candles and other good things. This graphic was found in an old issue of St. Nicholas children’s magazine from the early part of this century. Just click on the sample image to the right below to download the large size image.

As a special feature we’ve put together some ideas on how to design your own holiday cards. Just CLICK HERE for all the details.

You can order the complete package for download or delivery on CD for just $79 from our ONLINE STORE.  Even better, through the 15th you can get $20 off the package with the coupon code SEASONAL on checkout – just in time to do your holiday cards.


One of the popular trends we’ve seen rcently s an interest in Celtic art and ornament as a theme for Christmas cards and decoration. We’ve got a special page devoted to Celtic fonts and art, which has some excellent resources if you want to give your holidays a Celtic look. Click here to visit our Celtic page: CELTIC FONTS & ART.

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