Carmilla on Pop-Up Books

Traditionally certain of our fonts have gotten a lot more public exposure than others have. There was a time a few months ago when I thought I’d go nuts if I saw another book or game with Windlass on the cover. But the pattern is cyclic and it now seems to be the moment of ascendancy for Carmilla.

Last week I discovered Carmilla on a poster at Central Market. This week I spotted it on the cover of two cute pop-up books for kids, Where’s the Dragon and Where’s the Dinosaur. Not sure why the designer of these books decided that an antique script font went with giant lizards, but the font does look pretty good on the covers.

Pop-up books are a unique art form and these ones are pretty well done. They’re great for younger kids because they have an interactive element to them, but in recent years there has been an effort to design pop-ups for an older audience, including some very ambitious ones designed to present 3D art for adults. These books are more traditional, but are good examples of the traditional form, which dates back to the 19th century or earlier.

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