Carmilla Font at Central Market

I stopped off for lunch at the cafe in our local Central Market (upscale grocery store owned by HEB) and was surprised to find that among the posters on their walls promoting various events at the store there was a poster for a “Day of the Dead” event which featured our Carmilla font prominently. The photo (taken with my cell phone) to the right is not great, but you can see Carmilla in the main title and below the art where the date is listed. Only the characters from the basic font are used, though they could have enhanced it with selected characters from Carmilla Swash.

It’s hard to see in this poor quality photo, but in the upper left corner is says “Dia de los Muertos” in a font which appears to be based on lettering by Jose Guadalupe Posada, but it is an inferior interpretation of his style and not nearly as accurate or as interesting as our Posada font, though there are some stylistic similarities.

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