Captain Kidd Font in Disney “Villains” Contest

For a couple of years Disney has been doing special promotions of merchandise featuring the villains from their most famous animated films, targeting their marketing towards an older audience which remembers the villains from childhood and is attracted to related merchandise for the “coolness” factor.

The t-shirt design site Threadless is currently featuring a design contest based around the Disney Villains theme in which artists submit designs and then potential customers vote on them to determine the ultimate winners.

There is a lot of inconsistency in the branding for the Villains line, but for the Threadless contest they are using a version of the Villains logo which features our Captain Kidd font with a modified “A” which is a clever addition, if somewhat clumsily executed.

Captain Kidd has been very popular for pirate games and pirate themed products, but this is a different context in which it works quite well, and it’s an interesting contest if you’re a Disney fan.

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