Captain Kidd Font in The Last Battle

I was walking through the local comic store today when my eye was caught by a comic with a cover of muscular Romans fighting in a huge battle on a comic called The Last Battle. I’m a sucker for anything historical involving Rome, a theme not explored enough in the graphic genre, but what held my eye even more was that the cover title was done in my Captain Kidd font. Not a very Roman choice, but certainly creatively incorporated.

The comic itself was originally released at ComiCon several years ago as a European import and then released in a mass-market edition last year. It’s listed as issue one, but there’s no evidence of a second issue release or in the works. Like so many intriguing comic ideas it may be an orphan. However, it is a complete 80 page graphic novel in its own right, telling the story of Caesar’s final battle for the conquest of Gaul in 52bc, with dynamic art by Dan Brereton and a story by Italian writer Tito Faracci who wanted to recreate the “sword and sandals” epics popular in Italy in the 1970s in comic book form.

Of course, you can have Captain Kidd for your very own by ordering it today.

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