Captain Kidd at the Book Fair

Last week was the Scholastic Book Fair at my youngest daughter’s school, and while browsing the book selections I was pleased to discover several of our fonts on the covers of several recently released childrens and young adult books whcih I hadn’t seen before.

Most notable among the featured fonts was our popular Captain Kidd font which was on the covers of There’s No Such Thing as Dragons by Philip Reeve, Shadow by Jenny Moss and most appropraitely on Pirates by Daniel Harrison. It was nice to see Captain Kidd in use on these sorts of books, especially a pirate book when it has been neglected in favor of our Windlass font for so many pirate-related projects. Now we just need to get them on board with some of our other piratical fonts like Queensland, Hesperides and Malagua.

The books look pretty interesting. Pirates is lavishly illustrated and is basically just straightforward history aimed at kids. There’s No Such Thing as Dragons is fairly formulaic juvenile fantasy, but it gets an extra point or two for also using Windlass for the interior titles. Shadow is a juvenile fantasy novel aimed more at girls, and uses Captain Kidd extensively in the interior as well as on the cover, with good results.

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