“Old King Cole’s Book of Nursery Rhymes” by Byam Shaw

okc24Byam Shaw was an outstanding English illustrator of the Victorian period who specialized in classic literature and fairytales. Unlike other popular illustrators of the period he had a bold, muscular style which emphasizes graphic design elements. Artistically he fits with other late-Victorian artists like Eleanor Fortescue Brickdale and William Russell Flint, but he has elements of poster design and the Art Nouveau movement.

One of Shaw’s finest works was his illustrated edition of Old King Cole’s Book of Nursery Rhymes. This book of famous short rhymes was published in 1901. It contains 25 full page illustrations, one for each rhyme. We managed to acquire one of the very rare copies of this book and have digitized the images in high resolution. You can see samples of 10 of the illustrations here.

Of course we’ve collected it together into a package for our customers.  This package of beautiful illustrations is just $29 and can be ordered from our ONLINE STORE

Our other Byam Shaw packages include his Decameron and
Legendary Ballads.

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