St. Patrick’s Day Bonus Font: Coverack

Some years ago, while traveling in Cornwall I saw some unique hand lettering on a signboard outside of a pub and later I reconstructed the fanciful Celtic lettering style from memory to produce what became the Coverack font. Coverack is in the tradition of Celtic uncial lettering, but is extra bold and has some fantastical embellishments and special symbol characters.. The name comes from a lovely little town on the Cornish coast where we stayed during the trip.

This updated version of Coverack has some additional special characters and improved kerning and character positioning. It features different versions of each character in the upper and lower case positions as well. It’s really a remarkable font with a lot of unique Celtic character. You can try the DEMO version of Coverack for free (limited character set), or you can ORDER the full version online and download it right away.




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