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You have to start building your font library somewhere, and where better to start than with our Basic Fonts Collection. It’s a great introduction to our wide variety of fonts at a very reasonable price. It lets you get a great set of versatile fonts which represents every aspect of our collection without paying a higher price for more specialized packages. It includes a sampling of text, display, calligraphic and decorative fonts with an emphasis on the most practical and useful fonts to meet a range of needs. All fonts are in both Postscript and True Type format for Windows and Macintosh, and the package also includes shareware and demo samples of additional fonts and graphic arts resources, plus a PDF catalog.

The Basic Fonts collection starts with a set of 10 text fonts which should provide all the variety most users need in this area, from the clear, legibility of traditional serif fonts like Centurion and Marquis to the more unusual and specialized look of the ultra-narrow Everest and the decorative demi-serif Baldessare. It even includes two of our best monospaced fonts, Cincinnatus and Vidilex.

The Basic Fonts collection also includes 8 specially selected display fonts. These are some of our most popular fonts, like the antique lettering of Buccaneer and the striking art nouveau style of Ariosto and Harbinger, as well as versatile display and titling fonts like Academy, Beaumarchais and Mazarin. Most of these display fonts are based on classic 19th century designs, but with all of the improvements and additions to make them truly modern and adaptable. While most of them include full upper and lower-case character sets, some were specifically and solely intended for titling use (Mazarin, Acadian, Primer), so they have more limited character sets.

Because calligraphic fonts are our specialty, the Basic Fonts package includes a selection of our best calligraphic fonts, from the Roman period with fonts like Procopius, through the Middle Ages with the classic black letter look of Burgundian and the more fanciful style of Cymbeline, to Renaissance lettering in Magdelena and Palmieri and early modern italics like Terpsichore and Iphegenia. It even includes our very popular and more modern Allembert brush script calligraphic font. Together these fonts represent a tour through calligraphic history and a useful range of styles with a selection varied enough to fill any need you have for decorative text or titling with a hand-drawn look.

Finally, we’ve included a few of our most generally useful decorative initials and art fonts. Parsifal and Jongeleur are two of our most attractive and most adaptable decorative initials styles, and their style is highly compatible with other fonts included in the package, like Burgundian and Cymbeline. Sigil and Emblem are essential art fonts, with a wide variety of decorative symbols and motifs which will add character to any document.

The Scriptorium’s Basic Fonts package is a great way to start off your font collection at an exceptionally reasonable price. The package includes the 30 fonts shown here, plus shareware versions of a selection of our most recent fonts and images. It includes a little bit of everything at a total price per font which comes to only a bit more than a dollar, at $59 for the package either on CD or as a quick download from our server.

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