Barcino Champagne Belle Epoque Label

While shopping for the holidays I made a lovely discovery. While shopping at COSTCO I found a bottle of champagne (technically sparkling wine) from a Spanish company called Barcino which features a number of our fonts.

It’s a lovely label, based on Art Nouveau style, for a vintage appropriately called “Belle Epoque.” What’s most striking about the design is that it relies entirely on our fonts. The name Barcino is in Goodfellow, Cava Brut (the type of wine) is in something that looks like a distorted version of Beaumains and the rest of the label text is in Ganelon and Ganelon Lower Case.

I haven’t tried the wine yet, but if the label is anything to go by it should be delicious. And it’s a valuable reminder of what a fine collection of Art Nouveau fonts we have, including our Art Nouveau package.

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