Asrafel in the Movies

I was idly browsing through the movie offerings on Amazon when I discovered an odd movie from way back in 2008 called The Gamers: Dorkness Rising. It may be about the most amateurish in-jokish movie I’ve ever seen, aimed directly at gaming nerds.  Not trendy modern computer game nerds, but old style D&D nerds.  I counted myself among them for many years, so I kind of related to the film, but it’s definitely targeted at a limited audience.

I’m not sure I can recommend the movie on the cinematic content, but I have to give it a plug for the excellent choice of title fonts.  It features our Asrafel font for its main title and it’s a great choice for a fantasy movie.  Both elegant and unusual looking.

There are actually two other movies in the series if you like that kind of thing.  They’ve been very well received by audiences at GenCon.  As for the font, you can order it right here on our site.  Just CLICK HERE.

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