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The new second edition of our Arts & Crafts font collection features 15 fonts based on designs from the Arts & Crafts movements of the late Victorian period. They are derived from designs from several branches of the movement, and demonstrate the unique aestheitc vision of great designers like William Morris, Charles Rennie Mackintosh and Elbert Hubbard. The Arts & Crafts movement was enormously influential on the works of designers, artists and architects of the 20th century, and inspired the Art Nouveau and Art Deco movements.The package includes early Arts & Crafts fonts like William Morris’ Kelmscott and True Golden, fonts from the Glasgow branch of the movement like Chelsea Studio, based on Charles Rennie Mackintosh’s lettering, fonts from the Roycrofters of New York like Semiramis and Ganelon, and even fonts from the California Arts & Crafts period of the early 1900s like Coloma. The newest additions to the package include Palmyra, Hyacinth Initials, Spoonbill and Advertising Gothic. They are shown in red on the left.

Also included in this new edition of the package are a selection of floral frames, borders and decorations developed from Roycroft publications from the early 1900s. All the fonts are historically accurate and they are not available from any other source. The package is available for Windows or the MacOS, and includes both TrueType and Postscript fonts. The price is only $69 for all the fonts and the borders and decorations. You can order the Arts & Crafts font and art package directly for delivery on CD by phone from 1-512-656-8011, or you can purchase the package online – just – CLICK HERE TO ORDER with an immediate download.

If you want to try out a font from this collection, try out the Palmyra demo. Palmyra is reminiscent of the lettering style found in many books and pamphlets from the Roycrofters – the arts and crafts design community founded by Elbert Hubbard. It has a constructed look with rounded ends on the letters characteristic of pen-lettering. It has multiple versions of many of the letters to allow variations in your designs. Click here to download the demo of Palmyra for either WINDOWS or MacOS. You can purchase the full font ONLINE.

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9 comments on “Arts & Crafts Collection

  1. Tim Hawkins

    I am in the process of building a website about The Pastures a house built by Voysey in 1903 for my wife’s great great aunt. Which is where I live.

    Before I download the Broadley font which seems ideal for the site. I wanted to check to make sure that 1-9 has been created.
    I don’t expect a lower case is available but is there a bold option?

    I might like to put a link through to your arts and craft page of your site to promote your excellent font should anyone see and like the font being used on my site. Would this be OK.

    Regards Tim Hawkins

  2. Anonymous

    The frames and borders are very specific to the particular Roycroft series featured in the package.  There are supposed to be samples in this article, but they seem to have disappeared.  I’ll add them back in.  In total there are more than a dozen borders and emblems.

  3. Re your promo for Chelsea Studio, C.R.M.s art school, the Glasgow School of Art has lately had a very serious fire. Above all loosing its library. I am doing my best , as are many others, so if you have a relevant book or two it would be great
    to gift it to them. Strong on all the arts but esp. typography.

  4. Dave

    That’s really unfortunate. Do you have a link with info on where to send donations? Do they need cash as well as books?


  5. Mary Wittry

    I am looking for a font that duplicates or at least resembles the fonts used on old plat maps or utility maps. The one I liked best was from the 1930s. It wasn’t quite like a calligraphic font, but it did have more “freedom” than a printed font. The quality of the numbers are important, and if possible, I’d need a degree symbol, too. Do you have anything like that, or can you suggest something? (Think 42 degrees 15′ 28″ North, 92 degrees 21′ 45″ West.)

  6. Dave

    Mary. I think you might find the kinds of fonts you’re looking for in this package.


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