Arthur Rackham’s Peter Pan in Kensington Gardens

ppkg42In 1906 legendary illustrator Arthur Rackham was commissioned to illustrate J. M. Barrie’s prequel to his play Peter Pan. The standard edition features 10 original illustrations, but there was also a very limited edition with 40 additional illustrations which is now extremely rare. Remarkably the tipped in plates are included as an appendix to the regular book consisting of nothing but a portfolio of illustrations separate from the text.

We have collected together and digitized high resolution versions of all of the illustrations in that extended edition of Peter Pan in Kensington Gardens which includes some of Arthur Rackhamn’s most fascinating fairy illustrations and a remarkable diversity of themes. These are examples of Rackham’s best work at the absolute height of his talents. The number and quality of these illustrations is unexcelled.

You can order the complete illustration set from Peter Pan in Kensington Gardens for just $59 and you can preview all of the images below. To order now and download the package immediately, just go to our ONLINE STORE and follow the instructions. It’s a fairly large download, but manageable with a high speed connection. All of the illustrations are in high resolution and suitable for printing, with a license allowing their use within our standard restrictions.

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