Arthur Rackham Fonts and Art

Arthur Rackham may be the single best-known book illustrator of the late 19th and early 20th century. In the early 1900s Rackham was in constant demand to illustrate childrens books and fantastic novels in his detailed and meticulous style. Rackham’s most famous illustrations are probably his plates for Shakespeare’s Midsummer Night’s Dream and his various illustrations for classic English fairytales. Rackham’s style is striking and unique, and his use of color and shading compensate brilliantly for the limitations of color printing of the period. He has been imitated by many later artists and was the primary influence on many contemporary illustrators, particularly Brian Froud.

We have updated and expanded this package a number of times and the latest edition of our Rackham collection features a large selection of images, focusing on celtic, fairy tale, mythological and fantastic themes, a variety of borders and decorative emblems, plus a collection of fonts based on Rackham’s calligraphy and decorative ornaments. All of the fonts are in TrueType and Postscript format for the Macintosh and Wndows compatible computers.

The package features art from books like Undine, Midsummer Night’s Dream, Ring of the Nibelungs, Goblin Market, English Fairy Tales and several other books. Recent additions to the collection include unique Rackham Celtic art, as well as a selection of Rackham borders and illustrations in black and white. The art selection is varied, including not only the great fairy illustrations for which Rackham is best known, but also more unusual, darker mythological pieces such as his illustrations for Wagner’s Ring Saga and Mallory’s Morte d’Arthur.

Rackham also designed his own frontispieces and book bindings, as well as filling many of his books with whimsical marginal decorations. We’ve taken Rackhams title lettering and his marginalia and put them together into an excellent collection of fonts which are included in the package. The fonts are in Postscript and TrueType format and in versions for both the MacOS and Windows. The fonts include our Rackham Italic and Rackham text fonts, plus Sangrael, Florissant, Silhouettes, Fairies, Rackham Holiday Ornament and Goblins which are all based on Rackham’s marginal decorations.

Since we first released our Rackham Font & Art package we’ve been continually acquiring more sources for Rackham’s art and doing additional development work with fonts based on his lettering and marginalia. As a result the package keeps getting bigger and better. Whenever we do an update we contact those with older versions of the CD make the new version avaialable to them at a special upgrade price. We’re currently on our 5th version of the CD and it keeps growing and improving.

Our new edition of the Rackham package includes over 100 illustrations and graphics, plus 8 fonts based on Rackham’s calligraphy and a selection of black and white borders, headers and footers. The complete collection including all the new fonts and art is only $69. To order visit our online ordering page — ONLINE ORDERING

If you want to try out one of our Rackham fonts, try out the demo of our goblins font which features Rackham’s marginal illustrations of goblins as characters.

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