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Our Art Deco font collection includes a remarkable selectiion of fonts from the design movements of the 1920s and 1930s, focusing on the kinds of fonts which were generally associated with the decorative arts movement which developed out of the Arts and Crafts movement.

Because we already have collections of Arts and Crafts and Art Nouveau fonts from related periods, we were able to narrow the focus of this collection very specifically to concentrate exclusively on those fonts which were most typical of the Art Deco genre. Some fonts outside the collection like Semiramis and Chelsea Studio could probably also be classed as Art Deco, but because they are already in other collections they were not included here. The same is true of the Roycroft fonts which are in the Arts and Crafts package. We’ve also tried to avoid any fonts which would be typical of the German Bauhaus movement which overlaps with Art Deco in the same way that the Jugendstil movement overlaps with Art Nouveau, mainly because we may want to release a Bauhaus collection in the future.

The package includes traditional text fonts from the Art Deco period like Broadley, Advertising Gothic, Falmouth and Gargantua. It also includes two purely decorative fonts, Decoration and Art Deco Borders which are ideal for completing the overall look of an art deco project with floral and geometric motifs to accompany your text. Together they make lots of unique and complex art deco designs possible.

Many of these fonts are among our newest designs, like Broadley and Madding, some are older and have been waiting for an opportunity to be released in a collection like this, and Art Deco Borders and Magnin are new releases put out to coincide with the release of this package, though Magnin was originally designed on a commission for a vintage clothing outlet some years ago.

Art Deco fonts are interesting, because although they may vary considerably in style they all share characteristics necessary for their use in graphic design, ornamentation and industrial design. In many cases they are fonts designed to be molded in metal, etched in glass, carved from wood or embossed on leather and they have peculiarities related to the mediums in which they were intended to be used.

The package includes 12 original fonts in postscript and true type format for both MacOS and Windows. It also includes a bonus set of selected full-color art deco motifs from our collection of designs by Pedro Lemos. You can order the complete package now for just $59 and take delivery online or by mail from our ONLINE STORE.


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5 comments on “Art Deco Font Collection

  1. Rita Regnier

    Just want to say how much I appreciate and admire this art form and the beautiful work you do. Oh – and how it is such a mysterious process to me; pure newness, Creation, in combination with ages-old, rigid requirements and the ability to take an historic form from a highly stylized cultural tradition, long dead, and bring it to life again, add to it — staying within it’s unique requirements yet create something completely new. Obviously you have to have studied a great deal of history; and not just the design styles humankind has developed over the millenia, but the culturals and events in which they were born. I imagine you would hope Comrade Artist of the Constructivist movement would approve of your Structuro font, seeing it as appropriately devoid of elegance, romance, or high intellect. :))


    I doubt I’m making myself clear – it is hard to explain what I see in your work which is so special. I guess I could simplify what I’m thinking to: I like this and also I think it is magical.

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