April Fools Recap

anonymooseIn most years (except this one) we try to amuse with some sort of April Fools prank.  This year Easter seems to have intervened and we have no prank to play, but here are some past examples preserved as best we could.

1998 April Fools Page
1999 April Fools Page.
2000 April Fools Page.
2001 April Fools Page.
2002 April Fools Page.
2003 April Fools Page.
2004 April Fools Page.
2006 April Fools Page.
2008 April Fools Page.
2009 April Fools Page.
2012 April Fools Page
2015 April Fools Font

Hope you find them amusing. 1998 and 2002 were probably the biggest hits – certainly my favorites as well. The 2002 page actually results in several calls from churches looking for baptismal fonts every year. Nothing is available for 2005 or 2007 because both of them consisted of joke fonts which did horrible things when you tried to use them. 2015 was the Marquis Greeking font, but imagine it taking over the entire page.


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