An April Fools Mess

We had a lovely plan for April Fools Day. We were going to make the whole site hard to read by putting it in our new (forthcoming) Walter Crane Handscript font as a promotion for our forthcoming package based on “The Three Sirens” but cruel fate mocked us and made us the butt of her April Fools joke.

As we were working furiously to get the font finished and the package of graphics from the original book assembled we discovered that key files on our website had become corrupted (possibly maliciously) making the site was running incredibly slowly and we couldn’t access the editing features. Thus when we should have been setting up our mildly amusing prank we found ourselves desperately replacing files from backups late into the night.

As a result only a preliminary version of the font was ready (you can see it in use on the site now), but the fancy initials and the graphics package still needed more work, though we did get the nice video preview you can see below done.

Sirens Three

This is a preview of the forthcoming package of fonts and art based on Walter Crane's "The Three Sirens"

Posted by Scriptorium Fonts on Friday, April 1, 2016

So the joke’s on us, but we will get the package finished over the weekend. For now enjoy the look of our site entirely in Walter Crane’s handwriting, and check out our past April Fool’s pages HERE.

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