An Overview of Our Russian Fonts

In honor of the October Revolution (which was actually in November) I thought it would be good to draw attention to our rich selection of Russian theme and Russian Language fonts.

The first and most unusual package we offer is our Russian Folk Art collection. It is based on designs from the Art Nouveau period in Russia with a heavy emphasis on the lettering and art of Ivan Bilibin.

The art is wonderful and there’s a lot of it and the fonts are folksy and evocative of the period prior to the revolution. They include both Cyrillic fonts and fonts using Latin characters with a Russian look.

Full information on this package is available HERE.


constructivistSecond, there is our Constructivist Fonts Package with fonts originating from the period after the revolution inspired by designers like Alexander Rodchenko.  It includes  some truly striking fonts like the Death Ray font based on Rodchenko’s poster designs.

Complete details on this package can be found HERE.

For those looking for technically excellent Russian language fonts in the Cyrillic alphabet with an unusual look we developed versions of four of our most popular fonts in Cyrillic.  These were originally developed for the Disney corporation but we retained the rights so you benefit from their needs. Buccaneer, Scurlock, Folkard and Brandywine are available with full Cyrillic character sets.






And finally, we have an older collection of Russian language fonts with full or modified Cyrillic character sets.  They are less exciting but they are inexpensive and practical.  They can be ordered HERE.5003



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