An Excellent Source for Vintage Poster Art

In my periodic random wanderings of the internet I stumbled on a rather excellent source for examples of vintage poster and book cover art and lettering at While their business seems to focus primarily on selling posters from contemporary movies, they have all sorts of interesting material in their catalog, from posters of pulp novel covers to vintage movie posters.  Most appear to be reproductions, but the color and image quality seem to be excellent.  And for someone primarily looking for visual inspiration and examples of cool lettering for future fonts, the fact that they have high-quality relatively large size preview images is a great thing.

A couple of things particularly caught my eye as I looked around. For one thing they have a poster of a cover from G8 and His Battle Aces which was my father’s favorite pulp series back in the 1930s. They also have a great selection of Weird Tales and Startling Stories covers. They also have an outstanding selection of foreign language versions of famous posters. There’s lots of obsura, like their surprisingly large selection of hard to find lesbian bondage novel covers – interesting to see though they certainly may not be to every taste.

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