American Horror Story: Chelsea Studio Font

ahsWith the premier of the fourth season of American Horror Story this Wednesday on the FX network, a lot of people will be seeing our Chelsea Studio in their high style commercials all over their cable networks.

My teenage, horror-obsessed daughter drew my attention to their use of the font in the titles and it was gratifying to be able to tell her that I had designed the font, way back in the 90s, based on the lettering of legendary Arts and Crafts designer Charles Rennie MacKintosh.

Chelsea Studio isn’t the only version MacKintosh’s characteristic lettering style out there, but it is one of the most true to his original design, including a variety of additional character forms. And it is the specific font chosen for the titles in this season’s American Horror Story about a freakshow.

chelseastudioHalloween is always a big season for us and having a font featured in the most innovative horror program on TV is a great way to kick the season off. It’s a very style conscious show and having one of our fonts associated with it is a real mark of distinction, especially with our interest in Sideshow art.

Chelsea Studio isn’t in our Horror Fonts and Art Package because it isn’t strictly a horror font, but it can be found it our Arts and Crafts Collection and it is available as a single font: Chelsea Studio. Take $5 off the cost of the single font or either package with the code SIDESHOW.

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